5 oz Slow Death Hot Sauce


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** NC Product **. Very hot, Trinidad scorpion sauce. Heat level 5/5 Slow Death is a fiery symphony for true chili enthusiasts. Packed with the bold essence of Trinidad Scorpion peppers and a generous dose of garlic, this sauce delivers an intense, tongue-tingling heat from the get-go. As you savor the initial bright notes, a slow, creeping mouth burn unfolds, leaving a lingering warmth that’s sure to satisfy the heat-seeking palate. With a carefully crafted blend of ingredients, Slow Death is a flavor-packed adventure for those who crave the perfect balance of spice and smokiness. Ingredients: Water, Vinegar, Trinidad Scorpion Peppers, Smoked Habanero Peppers, Tomatoes, Red Onion, Garlic, Chili Powder, Salt.

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